Exegesis of the Plane Scene

Scholars of the Torah interpret the holy text by Pardes, a Hebrew acronym for Peshat (פְּשָׁט‎), Remez (רֶמֶז‎), Derash (דְּרַשׁ‎), and Sod (סוֹד‎), four successively deeper levels for extracting meaning. We can use such a technique to interpret the famous film Plane Scene by Bravo Nolan, specifically the cryptic exchange between CIA and Bane, to discover the underlying interaction between their characters:

At least you can talk. Who are you?

It doesn't matter who we are. What 
matters is our plan.

If I pull that off, will you die?

It would be extremely painful.

You're a big guy.

For you.


Peshat refers to the literal meaning of the text. Without remembering the Peshat, we can become lost and attempt to extract meaning where there is none. Literally, Bane tells CIA that if CIA were to attempt to remove his mask, Bane would cause extreme pain to CIA, which we assume is a threat of violence.


Remez is the “hints” of the text, lying just beneath the Peshat. Bane’s intonation of “For you” implies that, rather than threatening violence against CIA, Bane is a big guy compared to CIA.


Derash tells us to search beyond this text for similar situations to find comparative meaning. Studying the Hebrew connections in the script, we find that Dr. Pavel’s name comes from the Hebrew name Paul, meaning small and humble. CIA’s initial greeting to Dr. Pavel (“Dr. Pavel, I’m CIA”) and his power stance can be interpreted as “Mr. Small, I’m CIA,” or, “Instead of small, I am CIA.” By futher comparing this to the Remez understanding, we can see that CIA’s bigness is continually called into question, and it may be his telos to discover his natural size for himself.


The final and deepest meaning, Sod, is the mystic or secret meaning of the text. By studying the hinted letters and interpreting them in a new form, one may reveal the secret meaning. Bane’s line “For you” could instead mean “Four U,” referring to the four U’s that are spoken in the preceding two lines. This revelation is stunning, and yet some would seek to stain Bravo Nolan’s genius by clinging to the Autistic Bane hypothesis, that Bane is undergoing sensory overload and blurts out a random fact about their dialogue. Although this explains Bane’s stilted speech, it ignores another fact: the words that contain the U’s are “would,” “painful,” “you’re,” and “guy.” The jewish gematria of these four words is 2852, which also means “CIA Savior Survivor.” Thus, we are pointed to a later exchange in the Plane Scene:

Well congratulations, you got
yourselves caught. What's the next
step of your master plan?

Crashing this plane...  with no 

Bane’s intent is to destroy the Wreckage Brother and eliminate all “Savior survivors,” a people who have seen no discussion in Plane Scene literature, and, we assume, seek to escape Bane’s wrath and save figures such as Dr. Pavel who are important to the Hothead cause.

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